Prepare for Sugaring with these 4 Tips

Are you ready for thinner, finer hair? Are you tired of the razor stubble? If so, you’ll love sugaring hair removal.  It’s a great way to remove unwanted hair.  The hair grows back thinner and finer with every treatment, and may eventually stop growing altogether....Read More

Natural Ways to Combat Cellulite

As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed that I have a bit of cellulite on my thighs, butt, and stomach. I’ve always known it was coming, so I used skin firming lotions but lately I’ve had to find better solutions. Having cellulite doesn’t mean you are overweight, but if you...Read More

Healthy Skin for Life

    I love living in California. We have the beach, the sun, and great vibes all around us.  It’s easy to forget that with all the sun, sand, and salt water your skin can easily become damaged.   Read on to learn about what you can do to prevent skin damage...Read More

Microdermabrasion 101

It’s a long word for a simple treatment that will give you noticeable results immediately, but what exactly is a microdermabrasion, how does it work, and who should get them.    I would love to tell you. There are two kinds of Microdermabrasion treatments...Read More

Superfoods for Gorgeous Glowing Skin

OK guys – this is not exactly the most earth shattering revelation, but hear it again anyway.  The best way to look your best is not a Facial, or even Microdermabrasion it’s living a healthy lifestyle.  What?  you knew that?   I told you it wasn’t earth...Read More

So- You Got a Sunburn

Caring for Sunburned Skin-  Here in San Diego we get a lot of sun… beautiful, glorious life giving sunshine.  We have to love it!  There is just one problem.  Too much of a good thing can be bad – really bad and painful in this case.  Now we know the best...Read More

All About Hair

If there is one thing that I know about, its hair!  I’ve seen my share, and removed a lot of it.  From curly to straight, thick to thin, and black to white.  The good news is no matter the color or texture all hair follows specific growth patters, and phases. ...Read More

Morning Smoothies to Boost your Energy all Day Long

  Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee.  Its gives a short burst of energy due to the caffeine content, but you’ll usually crash just a few hours later.  If you aren’t careful about the next thing you eat you could find yourself on a rollercoaster of...Read More

Caring for Skin after Sugaring or Waxing

You are laid down on a table and a stranger applies hot wax to the most tender areas of your body, then uses it to rip each and every one out by the root.  No that’s not your last nightmare… It’s likely your last hair removal experience....Read More