There’s no denying that waxing hurts, especially for people who cannot tolerate pain. Having to undergo the soreness and discomfort all over again when the hair grows back in two or three weeks is no small feat. But there are a few alternatives that aren’t as painful as waxing. Body sugaring, for example, is less painful and lasts longer than waxing and shaving, Here’s what you ought to know about sugaring:

What is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is an ancient hair removal treatment practiced since ancient times in Greece, Middle East, and among the tribes of Northern Africa. A gel made from cane sugar, lemon, hot water, and a thickening agent (usually Xanthan Gum) is slightly warmed and applied on the skin. The paste is applied against the direction of hair growth but removed in the natural direction. Unlike wax, sugaring sticks only to the hair and is less painful when removing. Any residue that’s left can be cleaned with water.

Why is Sugaring Better Than Waxing?

Sugaring is ideal for sensitive skin. It does not pull the skin or irritate live skin cells. Waxing does not always remove hair follicles. Instead, the hair is removed from the skin’s surface. But sugaring does a better job at removing the hair roots because the sugaring gel is removed in the same direction of hair growth. This allows hair to be removed from its follicles easily. While the sugaring gel does not adhere to live skin cells, it does stick to the dead skin in your body. When removing the sugar paste, the dead skin wears off as well, leaving your skin smooth and exfoliated.

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