Are you ready for thinner, finer hair? Are you tired of the razor stubble? If so, you’ll love sugaring hair removal.  It’s a great way to remove unwanted hair.  The hair grows back thinner and finer with every treatment, and may eventually stop growing altogether.

Sugaring works by pulling the hair out by the roots, and while the process isn’t exactly relaxing, a good esthetician can make it totally bearable.  If you are new to sugaring or waxing, the idea can be a bit intimidating, but follow these tips and you’ll wonder why you were ever worried. With each session it will become less painful, and hair will grow back thinner and thinner. Use these tips to ensure you gain the maximum benefits of sugaring with the minimum amount of pain.


  1. Grow it out. The perfect length for sugaring is between ¼ – ½ inch. Any shorter and there is nothing for the sugar to grab onto; any longer and it can be more uncomfortable. It is recommended to wait at least 4 to 7 days after shaving (yup-that’s it!), but you might need to wait at least 10 days if your hair grows slowly. For the best results stop using all other types of hair removal, such as shaving or waxing, in between and before sugaring sessions.
  2. Hold off on the sunbathing for 24 to 48 hours before each treatment. This is because UV rays can increase skin sensitivity. Wait 24 hours to sunbathe after your treatment as well.
  3. Make sure you are clean and dry for your appointment. Shower before you come in and avoid using lotions, oils, and deodorants on your skin. Drinking lots of water is a good way to keep your skin naturally hydrated.
  4. Keep calm. Although this is certainly not the most relaxing service, it is well worth the minor discomfort. Don’t worry, it’s not as painful as waxing.  Stay relaxed through deep breathing, and talking to your esthetician can make your experience more pleasant. If you have a low pain tolerance try to avoid booking an appointment during your menstrual cycle, as our skin tends to be much more sensitive during this time.


Now you are ready to start sugaring! Call me for your first appointment!