Do you want glowing skin? An amazing figure? Health and happiness? Of course you do!  Don’t we all?  The truth is, long-lasting beauty starts within. Most of us have the tendency to work so hard on our physical bodies, that we neglect how we  feel on the inside.


Many of us live our lives stressed out and filled with worry, sometimes without even knowing it. Stress completely changes the way our bodies function and the way we feel on the inside and look on the outside.


There are many ways we can relax and de-stress. For some it will be going to the salon and getting pampered with a facial. If this is you, then check out my amazing facials and come in for some TLC. For others it could be through yoga, and meditation.  Maybe you love taking a relaxing  jacuzzi or bath, or use knitting, exercising, or reading to take your mind off of things.  Physical intimacy can be a fantastic way to relieve stress and boost the feel good chemicals in the brain.


Take some time to consider what you do in your daily life to minimize the effects of stress.  Chances are you already know how to reduce stress in your life, but you may not be making enough time to practice it. Even if you are busy, it’s very important to love yourself enough to make time for yourself each and everyday. There are no excuses when it comes down to it.


Try this quick and effective practice to fully relax:


To fully relax we need to be unconcerned. We humans are concerned almost all the time. Either about the future or the past.  Ask yourself a simple question: “What am I really concerned about?” Take a moment to be in that state, then allow yourself to take a momentary break from it. Perhaps say, “For the next five minutes I give myself full permission to be unconcerned about anything.” Really dare yourself and see what happens.


Get comfortable, close your eyes and focus on just breathing.  Take nice long, deep breaths.  If a thought flows into your mind allow it to flow right out. Imagine your thoughts are like a river and they can just flow right by. Go right back to thinking about your breathing as you inhale and exhale – that’s all you have to do in that five minutes.


If you are new to meditating it may not be easy, but don’t worry or be hard on yourself, you will get better the more often you do it. Throughout your day, whatever you are doing or feeling, keep coming back to this daring and bold state of being unconcerned.


In this place you are free from stress and your inner beauty will start to radiate out in no time! Your immune system will improve, your concentration and efficiency will improve, your mood will improve, it will even slow down aging. There are more than 75 known scientific benefits of meditating, so start right away.


If you live an incredibly busy life and don’t think you have time to relax, then make the tasks you are doing a meditation. Practice being mindful while you go throughout your day, remembering to check in with yourself and slow down your mind. A wise man once said, “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright.”  It’s the truth!