What: Sugaring is the art of body hair removal for both men and women that is gentle, natural, & long lasting dating back to the Ancient Egyptians.  Exceptional for all skin types.  Safe for all ages even teens; removing hair from the follicle while in developmental stage leads to less re-growth when done frequently.

How: The sugar paste is gently applied to the skin at luke warm temperature against the natural direction of the hair growth. The sugar paste gently removes hair by the root in the natural direction of hair growth by a flick of the wrist.

Why get sugared:

~pure & natural/biodegradable ingredients: you can actually eat it : sugar, lemon juice & h2O

~no testing on animals & no harmful side effects (wax has many chemical ingredients: mostly resins & preservatives)

~more sanitary:  hypoallergenic sugar paste is applied with a fresh ball of sugar used on each client; no risk of cross contamination (wax prone to double dipping with a stick)

~sugar will not stick to live skin cells: only dead skin cells are exfoliated & hair is removed (wax removes more than just hair)

~it is not as hot & it’s gentle: barely luke warm, sugar paste is applied never burns; even safe for spider veins, sensitive skin, eczema & psoriasis.  It will not increase blood supply (wax is hot therefore can burn skin)

~Less pain/less breakage/less ingrowns: sugar paste is removed in the natural direction of hair growth therefore less painful when removed & eliminates hair breakage so less ingrowns (wax is removed against natural direction of hair which creates more breakage/more ingrowns/more painful)

~no awkward growing phase: hair only requires to be no less than 1/16 inch long after sugaring/treatment can be done every 3-6 weeks. Since we can sugar in the early anagen phase, the follicle begins to deplete more rapidly (wax hair needs to be longer)

~easy clean up: sugar is water soluble…clients never feel sticky (after waxing, the client usually feels sticky)

Sugar Hair Removal

Sugaring Prices – Ladies


Brows – $25
Cheek – $20
Lip – $15
Chin – $15
Full Face – $50


Under Arm – $25
Half Arm – $40
Full Arm – $50
Tummy – $25


Brazilian – $50
Bikini – $35
Modified Bikini – $40
Full leg ( inc. feet and Toes) – $100
Half leg ( inc. feet and Toes) – $50

Sugaring Prices – Men


Outer Nostrils – $10
Outer Ear – $10
Neck- $20
Chest – $50


Shoulders – $30
Half Arm – $45
Full Arm – $55
Tummy – $50


Full Back- $65
feet And toes – $15
Half Leg – $50
Full Leg – $100

Pre & After treatment:

It is very important to exfoliate & hydrate your skin every 2-3 days to remove dead skin cells.  Avoid loofah because it harbors bacteria.  Nylon gloves are a great alternative because you can machine wash.

Do NOT exfoliate the day before, the day of, the day after service.

Do NOT sun prior & post treatment for 24 hours.

Do NOT exercise prior to treatment.

No lotions applied 24 hours prior & post treatment.

Don’t schedule an appointment if you are on antibiotics.

Wait 24 hours before exposing your skin to infrared lamps.

Avoid perfume soaps or products with chemical irritants & make up 12 hours following facial treatment.

Come with clean, dry skin, no lotions or oils to your treatment

Areas that SHOULD NOT be treated:

Enlarged varicose veins


New scars (wait one year from surgery so scar is completely healed)

Sunburned skin


Inner ear

Bruises or lesions

Skin tags

Raised moles

Retin-A or Renova (please wait after initial shedding process has ended; 5-6 weeks)

Accutane (please wait 1 year after discontinuing use)

Using vitamin C topical products

Underwent a heavy peel


You can sugar if you are:

menstruating (your skin will be more sensitive)

pregnant (there are NO toxic chemicals that can enter the bloodstream)

Sugaring vs other hair removal methods:

Shaving: hair appears darker, coarser feeling as it quickly grows back

                  cause skin irritation (razor burns/cuts)

Depilatories: composed of harsh chemicals; irritating to the skin

Waxing: all wax products contain chemicals, beeswax, and/or resins. Violently pulled off with pellon or hard wax removed without pellon by gripping against direction of growth causing pain, irritation, bruising & hair breakage.  Wax must also be heated at a high temperature in order to become liquified which can result in burning & scarring. Clients’ hair must be a minimum 1/2 inch long.

Electrolysis: a fine probe needle inserted in hair follicle until it reaches its root. Galvanized current conducted through the needle to kill hair root.  This must be done over a long period of time.  Time consuming & costly.

Laser: an invisible laser beam being cast over the area to be treated.  The light waves are absorbed by some colors & not by others, causing the darker colors to heat up.  That is why lasers do not work well on unpigmented hair (grey or blonde) or on people whose skin and hair color is similar.  The hair must be darker than the skin.  Dark skinned people of all ethnic backgrounds are not good candidates because of the color depth of their skin, however there is ongoing research to improve laser equipment to benefit all skin and hair types.  Laser hair removal is not considered a permanent solution although approved for potential permanent reduction