Body sugaring isn’t new- it has been in practice since 400BC. Besides the women of ancient Greece and the Middle East, Queen Cleopatra was said to be a fan of this technique. Today, there are many salons that offer sugaring in San Diego. If you are confused between choosing other hair removal procedures and sugaring, here’s why we suggest that you try the later:

Unlike waxing, body sugaring does not dry the skin:

The sugaring gel is made by combining white cane sugar with lemon and water to form a thick paste. This gel only sticks to the hair and not to the skin. Wax however contains resins that stick to live skin cells leaving you in pain while flicking it off. But the sugaring gel only sticks to dry skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Unlike waxing, body sugaring is ideal for people with sensitive skin:

Waxing exposes the skin’s uppermost layer, allowing dirt and bacteria to enter the body. But sugar is a known anti-bacterial. Besides, sugaring does not stick to the skin; hence it is recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Unlike waxing, sugaring lasts long:

Sugaring lasts longer than waxing. The later does not always remove hair follicles and you may have to repeat the process every three or four weeks. In contrast, the sugar paste is removed in the natural direction of the hair growth. This ensures that the hair follicles are removed easily and hence more effective.

Unlike laser hair removal, sugaring is inexpensive:

A typical laser hair removal process can set you back by a few hundred dollars. And the results aren’t as long lasting as they’re often advertised. A full arm sugaring costs less than $45 and yet lasts for more than a month!